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My Health Journey

I have been on a difficult journey for over 18 years.  I am writing this story in the hopes that I might help another person out there who is traversing a similar path or trying to heal their brain.  I am also organizing my thoughts and actions as this 'war' has become exceedingly complex.  And, I write this for all of my current and future health practioners; I am grateful for their help and creativity.  If my story sparks an idea or if you feel that I am missing something, please contact me with your thoughts.  This is the story of Mary Gatch who founded DwellSmart in 2007.  I am breaking my story into many parts so that readers can focus on topics of interest:

2003 - The Nightmare Begins
2007 - DwellSmart is Launched
2008 - Something is Wrong
2010 - Fibromyalgia and the Guaifenesin Protocol
2011 - Hyponatremia and Diabetes Insipidus
2012 - Looking for a Diagnosis
2015 - Ataxia
2015 - Ataxia Adaptations
2016 - Diabetes Insipidus is Resolved
2017 - Diet and Nutrition
2018 - My War with Ataxia Begins