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About Us

DwellSmart started with a simple goal—to provide customers with a trusted source for environmentally friendly building, renovation, and home project products. The products DwellSmart provides are individually selected because they meet all or several of our core requirements. 

Specifically, all of the products you'll find in the DwellSmart shop:

  • Sustain: Our products are made from rapidly renewable or abundant materials that avoid the use of finite resources. DwellSmart sources products that are made with low-impact materials that are extracted or produced using organic and natural methods.
  • Protect: Products found on the DwellSmart website promote health by purifying the air and water in homes or by serving as a non-toxic alternative to conventional products.
  • Conserve: DwellSmart products promotes efficiency and lowers the consumption of energy, water or other natural resources.
  • Reduce: Our products reduce the consumption of resources by promoting reuse, minimizing the use of disposables and/or use recycled materials.
  • Share: DwellSmart products are made by manufacturers that abide by fair trade principles and show commitment to their employees and communities.

At DwellSmart, we live by these values and strive to minimize the impact we ourselves make on the environment. For example, we are committed to getting products to customers in the most environmentally friendly way possible, often by shipping them directly from the manufacturer to you, without the added step of shipping to a warehouse location. This means the product gets to you faster, and the creates few greenhouse gas emissions in transit. 

Since 2007, DwellSmart has served the environmentally conscience community with practical and current advice and a growing source of planet-positive products. We are happy to share our insights and knowledge in any way we can, so please feel free to contact us with any questions or comments.

 Meet our leadership!

DwellSmart is proud to be a woman-founded and owned company based in Charleston, South Carolina. Founder Mary Gatch became devoted to eco-friendly and non-toxic building products after suffering devastating health effects from mold, and struggling to find eco-friendly materials while building a safer home for her family. The simple thought that it shouldn't be this hard to find sustainable and healthful products (along with a lot of effort, drive, and passion) eventually became DwellSmart. 

Call us at 843-805-7055 with any questions.