SoyCrete Decorative Concrete Stain Sample, 2 Oz. (Semi-Transparent)

All of Eco Safety products are suitable for both interior or exterior applications by Eco Safety Products
Buy the concrete stain samples if you would like to see the actual concrete stain colors on your project substrate before embarking on the full concrete stain installation. The two ounce concrete stain samples are also ideal for small craft projects used on virtually any porous cementitious substrate or great for small area touch-up work. One jar of the eco friendly concrete stain will cover approximately 6 square feet.

Each concrete slab is unique. The concrete mixture, concrete color, texture and imperfections will create one of a kind naturally marbled appearance.

Select the best eco friendly concrete stain engineered for high performance by replacing toxic ingredients with alternatives based on advanced sustainable chemistry. Achieves more green building certification attributes than any competitive stain on the market. Used for: commercial floors, warehouse floors, residential floors, patios, driveways, walkways, tilt-up precast concrete walls, block walls, and more.

The concrete stain colors are tinted with commercial high grade colorfast no VOC pigments. If you want the ultimate life span with enhanced UV and chemical resistance, you may want to consider selecting the non fading solar reflective I.R. (infrared reflective) option.

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