Solatube Turret Extension

to raise dome to avoid snow or shading from roof obstructions

Flashing Turret Extensions are used to raise the height of the Solatube dome on a roof to avoid snow, water, or shading from roof obstructions. Ordersufficient extensiontubing to accomodate turret height. The 10" and 14" diameter is available in 2 in/50 mm, 4 in/100 mm, 12 in/300 mm, 24 in/600 mm, 36 in/900 mm and 48 in/1200 mm sizes. The 2-inch and 4-inch Turret Extensions are black, and the taller options are metallic.

The 21" diameter tubes are available in lengths of 12", 24", 36", and 48" (2" and 4" are not available for this diameter).

Please choose the diameter of your Solatube below as well as the height of the extension.

Country of Manufacture: US

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