Solatube 14" ISn Daylighting Kit

by Solatube
DayLight with NightLightÿ

The Solatube 290 ISn delivers brilliant illumination to spaces up to 300 sq. ft, such as the kitchen, family room, master bath, and large entryway. Includes an integrated Solar Electric NightLight for a soft glow at night and qualifies for a 30% federal tax credit (approved for 2017 installations).ÿ

Natural Lightÿ

The Solatube 290 DS provides the same daylighting as the Solatube 290 ISn, but without the integrated solar-powered nightlight or tax credit.

Thermal Control

The Solatube 290 DSe, which features a thermal insulation panel to minimize heat loss in extremely cold climates and heat gain in extremely warm climates, has earned an Energy Star rating.


? Tube Size ? 14 in. (350 mm)ÿ
? Light Coverage Area ? 250-300 ft.2 (23 - 28 m2)ÿ
ÿ? Potential Tube Length ? 30 ft. (9 m)

The 290 ISn with integrated NightLight:

Introducing a whole new twist on Solatube daylighting. Thinking inside the tube, Solatube had integrated a small solar-electric system that collects the sun's energy by day to power a NightLight that automatically comes on at dark. The soft glow, which mimics moonlight, means you don't have to turn on the lights for late night trips to the bathroom or to navigate hallways and stairs.ÿ

The best part? You can save a bundle. This new daylighting system, the Solatube ISn with Integrated Solar Electric NightLight, qualifies for a 30% federal tax credit on the entire cost of the system and installation (approved for 2017 installations).

Light Your Dayÿ
  • Unique dome technologies increase low-angle light capture for consistent lighting throughout the dayÿ
  • Patented tubing maximizes light transferÿ
  • Decorative Fixtures diffuse daylight beautifullyÿ

Light Your Wayÿ
  • Integrated solar panel collects energy, recharging NightLight batteriesÿ
  • An embedded sensor automatically triggers smart dusk-to-dawn nightlightingÿ
  • Two long-lasting LEDs emit soft illumination

Country of Manufacture: United States