Marmoleum Color Weld - Solid Color

for welding seams in Marmoleum sheet installations
per linear foot (minimum order is 30 linear feet)
Color welds are available in solid or multi-color tones to match the color options of the Marmoleum Dual, Vivace, or Real series. Select the number of linear feet you require (minimum order is 30 feet). Heat welding of linoleum is not always necessary, however, it is always the preferred method. Heat welding provides for a watertight and hygienic seam, of just for an artistic touch. Marmoleum may be heat welded with either a matching or contrasting color weld. The Marmoleum Color Weld is made of solidified adhesive which is melted and fused, by means of a hot air welding gun, in a joint that has been grooved in the linoleum. Heat welding should be done after the flooring adhesive has set up, usually the following day.

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Country of Manufacture: Netherlands

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