Mabu Wood Fiber Cleaning Cloth

replace kitchen sponges with a naturally bacteria-resistant Mabu cloth
by Mabu
Mabu Cloths are available as singles or 3-packs.Mabu, like the Duzi cleaning cloths, rinse 99.9% bacteria free. They are super absorbent and long lasting.Kick the paper towel habit and save money with Mabu./font>

The Mabu cleaning cloth is made from 100% natural wood fiber. It features an 8-layer design that promotes durability yet provides for a soft touch.An open weave means that debris is not trapped, so the cloth can be rinsed thoroughly to avoid the sour smells common with ordinary sponges and cloths.A Mabu cleans and dries with a single stroke.You can use it with soap, but the Mabu cloth performs great with plain water.

Dimensions: 11." x 11." (29cm x 29cm)./font>

Mabu bacteria-fighting cloths rinse out 99.9% germ free.

Super absorbent, stain resistant./b>This eco-friendly cloth rinses 99.9% germ free.And, it also saves you money.

Country of Manufacture: Taiwan