AFM Safecoat Hard Seal

a multi-use, clear gloss sealer
by AFM

Safecoat Hard Seal is a multi-use, clear gloss sealer especially formulated to provide mar resistance to both low and high porosity surfaces. Because it forms a continuous membrane when applied properly it is particularly effective at sealing in any pollution or toxic chemical compounds outgassing from the surface to which it is applied.

Use On:

Typically used on previously uncoated and unsealed woodwork, cabinetry, vinyl or porous tile. To prevent outgassing of previously coated surfaces, can also be applied over existing paints, stain and colorfast wallpaper. When applying to a previously coated surface test in inconspicuous places for satisfactory appearance. Correct application will slightly deepen color of existing surface.

Advantages/Significant Benefits:

  • Hard, durable clear gloss appearance. Powerful sealer to prevent outgassing of pollution and toxicity from underlying substrate.

  • Low odor, non-offensive to installer and occupant. Safely used by and for the chemically sensitive.

  • Fights indoor air pollution, seals in the outgassing from the substrate.

  • Very low VOC content, meets or exceeds all federal and state air quality regulations, including California. Contains no formaldehyde.

Surface Preparation:

Surfaces to be coated with Safecoat Hard Seal should be sound and cleaned of grease and oil. Cleaning with a odorless, dye-free, all-purpose cleaner like SafecChoice Super Clean is recommended. Surface and underlying substrate should be completely dry before application.


Always have adequate ventilation. Before using, stir Safecoat Hard Seal by gently rolling container. Do not shake; shaking causes bubbles. Then apply as is using a sponge, squeegee or appropriate spray equipment. Use a painters mask when spraying. It is important to apply in very thin coats. Thick coats will overly darken the color of underlying surfaces. For best results, this product should not be reduced.


One gallon of Safecoat Hard Seal covers approximately 350 square feet in one coat depending on surface porosity.


Clean tools and equipment with warm, soapy water (SafeChoice Super Clean would be excellent) while they are still wet.

Drying/Curing Time:

Under normal conditions, Safecoat Hard Seal dries to touch in one hour and is re-cotable after 2 hours. Normal conditions include a dry surface, access to fresh air flow, moderate humidity, and temperatures above 55F. Thick application, high humidity or conditions other than normal will cause Safecoat Hard Seal to dry and cure more slowly.


Unlike conventional sealers, Safecoat is made without formaldehyde preservatives. Do not contaminate. Store in airtight containers. Do not use when indoor or surface temperature is below 55F.

Country of Manufacture:  US