En-Soil Algae

an all-natural, health-safe fertilizer for grass and gardens
by Enlightened Soil Corp

Nourish soil in a sustainable way with En-Soil Algae soil amendment, and say goodbye to ex pensive chemical fertilizers that deplete the soil. 

Made from living Chlorella vulgaris, purity of culture is ensured by our proprietary algae nutri ents and growing technology. These micro-algae invigorate the bacteria found in the soil’s nat ural biome, building up the soil’s structure by promoting nitrogen fixation and increasing bio availability of phosphorus.  

Just 1 tsp (5 ml) will cover 1000 sq. ft. once mixed with 1-1.5 gallons of water, making En-Soil  Algae an exceptionally cost-effective way to promote the health of sod, putting greens, lawns,  and gardens.  

For garden soil, apply once a week for two weeks and then once every two weeks. For turf and sod, apply once a week for two weeks and then once every six weeks. 

The 250 mL bottle is the choice of vertical growers and patio gardeners. Great for small  yards; keep your potted plants’ soil lush for nurturing balcony tomatoes and healthy micro-greens. One 250 mL bottle will cover 1.25 acres for a single treatment.  

The 500 mL bottle is ideal for home use. Rejuvenate the soil at your home, small busi ness, or church. Works well for home vegetable gardens. One 500 mL bottle will cover 2.5  acres for a single treatment. 

The 1-liter bottle is our most popular size for large-scale soil treatment; it’s ideal for  neighborhood parks, community gardens, college campuses, golf courses, and homes  with acreage. A single 1-liter bottle will cover 5 acres for a single treatment. 

  • Pure, Concentrated Algae from Living Culture 
  • Enhances Soil Structure 
  • Eliminates Harmful Runoff 
  • Cost-effective 

What’s in the box?  

  • En-Soil Algae 
  • Mixing & Application Instructions