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ECOS Paints - Solid Concrete Sealer

non-toxic, zero VOC solid color concrete sealer
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Color: Brick Red

ECOS Paints - Solid Concrete Stain is a tinted, medium sheen, solvent-free water repellent, effective for use on concrete, masonry, brickwork, and plaster. The concrete stain will shed water, mud and will protect against many stains. Recommended for application on walls, flooring, patios, walkways and concrete decking.

** Not recommended for garages.

  • Zero VOC
  • Easy to apply
  • Fast drying
  • Safe for any area
  • No Glycol
  • Zero VOC pigments

Country of Manufacture: US


Comes in 2oz, Quart or Gallon Sizes

Technical Data

HPD Third-Party Verified
8260B VOCs (Liquid State GC/MS)


Stir gently and thoroughly before use. Sweep area immediately before applying. Can be applied using a good quality synthetic brush, or rolled using a shed resistant 1/2-3/4 roller cover, or applied using an airless spray 0.013 0.015 tips at 1800-2500 psi. Cut-in corners, or edges with a brush, then evenly apply with a roller over the remainder of the surface, working in one direction. Do not overwork the product. Maintain a wet edge to avoid lap marks. Two coats are recommended to achieve maximum performance and protection. Allow 4 to 6 hours for the product to dry before applying a second coat (if necessary) perpendicular to the first coat.

Typical Coverage: 170-430 sq ft. /gallon


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