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ECOS Paints - Wood Primer

Seal and protect your wood surfaces prior to painting
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$9.95 - $398.95
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Color: White

The ECOS Paints Wood Primer is ideal for use on interior and exterior woodwork and provides a suitable bonding surface for paint. ECOS Paints uses a unique resin technology to create a hard-wearing, durable primer. Simple to apply and fast drying makes this an easy to use primer. Like all ECOS Paints products, there is no odor from the paint, during application or afterwards. Since there is no outgassing, there's no need to worry about the dizziness or sickness from fumes.

  • Unique resin technology
  • Hard-wearing
  • Simple to apply
  • No odor
  • HPD third party verified
  • Water-based makes for easy cleanup

Country of Manufacture:US


Comes in 2oz, Quart Gallon and 5-Gallon sizes

Technical Data

Testing Results

Safety Information: Safety Data Sheet

Zero VOC

No Glycol


Coverage 400 sq. ft. per gallon
Recommended coats 1
Description Wood Primer provides a strong bonding surface for paint and adds an extra layer of protection to your woodwork. Ideal for windows, doors, trim, furniture, cabinets, and other interior and exterior woodwork. Before painting a wooden floor, wood primer is highly recommended, especially if the floor is not waterproof, can't be cleaned, or is made of porous materials. Wood primer ensures that a surface is sealed and protected before being painted.
Preparation Surfaces should be clean, dry, sound, and free from dirt, dust, grease, and loose or flaking material. Clearn stubborn areas with mild detergent. Rinse and dry thoroughly before painting. Soft or crumbly substrates should be pre-treated.
Application and Clean Up Under most conditions thinning is not necessary. Stir gently before and during use. Intermix if using multiple containers to ensure color uniformity. Generally only requires one coat. Sand lightly between coats as this product may raise the grain of the wood. Normally dries to the touch in four hours. Allow twenty-four hours before sanding or painting. Can be applied using a good quality synthetic brush; or rolled using a shed resistant 1/4"-3/8" roller cover. Avoid applying below 50°F (10°C).


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