ECOS Paints - Exterior Porch and Floor Paint

excellent, zero-VOC products for your interior and exterior projects
by Ecos Paints

ECOS Paints - Exterior Porch and Floor Paint is a self-priming, high sheen, protective finish that dries to a hard, durable film. Great for most exterior surfaces including wooden and concrete floors and porches. Just like all ECOS Paints products, the Exterior Porch and Floor Paint is Zero VOC, simple to apply, contains no odor, and is HPD third party verified. It can be applied just like any traditional paint but is water-based for easy cleanup and can be applied in any space without discomfort.

  • Zero VOC
  • Easy to apply
  • Fast drying
  • Safe for any area
  • No Glycol
  • Zero VOC pigments

Country of Manufacture: US


Comes in 2oz, Quart or Gallon Sizes

Technical Data

HPD Third-Party Verified
8260B VOCs (Liquid State GC/MS)

Safety Information



Stir gently and thoroughly before use. Apply generously with a well-loaded brush or a narrow (6" - 7") 3/8 or 1/2 shed resistant roller cover. Floorboards - work along the length of the boards, not across. A minimum of 3 coats is needed. Use only the best quality soft paintbrushes/rollers. Work progressively along, do not over-brush, do not lay off, do not go back over wet or drying painted areas.

Application Notes

Typical Coverage: 380-430 sq ft. /gallon