Earth Weave Sample Set

10" x 13" board with samples of all styles and colors

It's a good idea to order our Sample Set so that you can see and feel the actual color and texture you will be receiving.

The kit includes a sample of all Earth Weave styles and colors, as well as the Wool Padding and the Rug Gripper, as specified below:

  • Dolomite Snowfield, Dolomite Granite, Dolomite Tussock, Dolomite Ursus (4)
  • Pyrenees Sand Dollar, Pyrenees Wheat, Pyrenees Buckskin, Pyrenees Chestnut, Pyrenees Flint, Pyrenees Steel (6)
  • McKinley Snowfield, McKinley Cottontail, McKinley Honeysuckle, McKinley Granite, McKinley Tussock, McKinley Dried Thistle, McKinley Ursus, McKinley Silver Birch, McKinley Pewter, McKinley Anthracite (10)
  • Rainier Snowfield, Rainier Granite, Rainier Tussock, Rainier Ursus (4)
  • Catskill Heron, Catskill Palomino, Catskill Otter, Catskill Brindle, Catskill Barred Owl, Catskill Seal (6)
  • Enertia Wool Carpet Padding (1)
  • Rubber Rug Gripper (1)
Earth Weave Products Brochure

Country of Manufacture: US


Board dimension: 10" x 13"

Technical Data

Due to the natural fiber content of the samples, specifications are subject to nominal manufacturing variances. Supply or manufacturing changes may facilitate product changes without notice. Please contact Earth Weave Carpet Mills, Inc. to verify specifications. Yarn lot variances occur in natural fiber carpets, therefore, actual merchandise is not guaranteed to match your samples. Natural fiber carpets vary in texture and color. Slight variances in texture and color are normal and do not constitute a manufacturing defect.

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