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DuraSoy ONE Paint + Primer, Semi-Gloss, PreTint, 1 Gal

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DuraSoy ONE Paint + Primer, Semi-Gloss, is factory tinted to your selected paint color. It is our premium high solids interior and exterior water-based non-toxic paint formulated with durable 100% acrylics and a proprietary hybrid solvent free resin that is co-blended with our bio-emulsion technology. This virtually odorless premium semi-gloss paint provides superior stain blocking and water repellency which is ideal for high traffic and wet areas that require additional protection for drywall, stucco, plaster, wood, or concrete surfaces. In addition to its high performance, you will also enjoy the spatter free creamy flow that primes and protects with less material, less time, less odor, and less environmental impact.

Contact us to help color-match your paint today! Simply tell us your desired color from a major manufacturer. Include the color name, color code, and manufacturer color deck.


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