Marmoleum floors are made from materials abundant in nature and produced in an environmentally-friendly manner using:

  • Linseed oil from specially cultivated Canadian flax,
  • Wood flour from European trees,
  • Rosin tapped from Portuguese pine trees,
  • Jute from India and Bangladesh,
  • And very finely ground limestone.

Marmoleum is also hygienic and anti-static. A dust-free home or office is healthier for asthma and allergies triggered by dust mites, and flooring is a common culprit for dust buildup. Because of its anti-static properties, dust does not cling to Marmoleum the way it clings to other types of flooring. Laboratory studies have also shown Marmoleum to be bacteriostatic: micro-organisms do not thrive easily on it, which makes the floor naturally hygienic.