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EPEAT is a system to help consumers evaluate, compare and select desktop PCs, notebook PCs and monitors based on their environmental attributes. EPEAT provides a clear and consistent set of performance criteria for product design. See their website for a database that you can search by vendor and product type.

The EPEAT criteria for computer equipment include:

  • Reduction/elimination of environmentally sensitive materials (like heavy metals)
  • Materials selection (e.g., recycled content)
  • Energy conservation (e.g., ENERGYSTAR rating)
  • Product longevity/life cycle extension (e.g., ability to upgrade)
  • Design for end of life (e.g., reusable and recyclable content)
  • End of life management (e.g., take back service)
  • Packaging (e.g., recycled and recyclable packing materials)
  • Corporate commitment to environment