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COREtec Buying Guide

COREtec is available in so many colors and sizes and in the look of many different stones and species of wood.  It can be overwhelming.  Cut samples are available for different COREtec options for $2.99 with free shipping.  We hope the sample(s) and this buying guide will help you with your decision.  Click here to shop from our large COREtec line.

The category for this flooring option is luxury vinyl tile.  The flooring is waterproof and easy to install.  While any flooring containing vinyl is not the most eco-friendly of options, we like COREtec because it is certified Greenguard Gold for low emissions within this category, and COREtec features  a limited lifetime residential warranty.  It's core contains recycled wood and bamboo.  Because it does contain virgin PVC (vinyl), and the production of vinyl causes emissions, it loses our full stamp of approval, but because of its durability, longevity, Greenguard certification, and recycled/bamboo content, we consider COREtec a best-in-class offering, and we believe it is important to offer this option to our customers.  

COREtec Original features a waterproof core (WPC) with air bubbles in the core for a warmer,  quieter, and softer 'feel'.  The Pro series features a solid core (SPC) which is thinner and denser.  It is still a high-performance floor, and also carries a lifetime residential warranty.  It does have a harder 'feel' with less insulation for temperature and sound.  The Pro is less expensive, and you may see the price per carton and order online.  Some models of the Original flooring may be purchased online.  But, for some of the Original choices, we will quote you a price with shipping based on the amount you need and your ship-to location. Generally, COREtec is more expensive as it gets wider, longer, or thicker. And, the cost is higher with more adjectives like HD and Enhanced. In any case, we are happy to quote for you and to help you select a flooring option for your budget.


This chart compares the options in the COREtec Original series:

COREtec® GRANDE: This awe-inspiring floor will set anyone apart in grand fashion. Bold in beauty and design, each massive GRANDE plank is 100% waterproof, kidproof, petproof and will stand up to life’s real messes in grandness and style.

COREtec® PLUS PREMIUM: A full 1/2” thick! High-end visuals with painted bevels as the featured accent. Customize your own grand look with these authentic, enhanced floors.

COREtec® PLUS DESIGN: Bring your design style and personality to life. Celebrate your originality with these eclectic and impressive multi-width and multi-tone flooring creations.

COREtec® PLUS HD: The Embossed-In-Register technology takes this floor to the next level of beauty! The built-in, high-definition texture, brings these high-styled visuals to life and creates a magnificent conversation piece.

COREtec® PLUS XL-ENHANCED: Wide planks with enhanced bevels add character and definition to any room. The large plank size provides you more floor to enjoy with quick installation. Begin living on this magnificent floor even sooner.

COREtec® PLUS XL: Large planks highlight and enhance the beauty of the wood grain in your floors. Enjoy XL visuals while saving time and resources.

COREtec® PLUS ENHANCED: A beautiful collection of planks and tiles featuring an attached underlayment and enhanced bevels.

COREtec® PLUS: Many sizes and styles of both planks and tiles, featuring an attached underlayment providing improved warmth, cushion and sound-quality.

COREtec® ONE PLUS: The elegant look of traditional hardwood flooring in domestic and exotic decors. The attached underlayment provides warmth and comfort under foot.

COREtec® ONE: Return to basics with these 6” planks that are an essential foundation for your home. Gorgeous designs created for you to cherish. 

And, this chart compares the options in the COREtec Pro series:

COREtec® PRO PLUS: Engineered to perform, these unique visuals that provide the durability you demand for your home’s high-traffic areas as well as your professional space.

COREtec® PRO PLUS XL: The Pro Plus XL collection truly goes the extra mile. These extra-long planks bring an impressive scale to the stylish appearance of COREtec while providing exceptional durability for high traffic residential, or even commercial use.

COREtec® PRO PLUS ENHANCED: Plank - These high-performance floors with enhanced painted bevels prove that design and rigidity can combine for a stunning surface. Tile - The look of stone with a lifetime core - these tiles feature an extra rigid core with enhanced painted bevels to provide performance and elegance.

COREtec® PRO PLUS XL ENHANCED: The Pro Plus XL Enhanced collection features extra-long planks for a grand sense of scale plus enhanced painted bevels for ultra-realistic wood looks.

COREtec® PRO PLUS HD 7”: The Pro Plus Enhanced HD collection utilizes enhanced painted bevels and Embossed In Register (EIR) technology to give the planks and tiles the most realistic look and feel available.

COREtec® PRO PLUS HD 9”: Featuring enhanced painted bevels and Embossed In Register (EIR) technology, this collection of extra-long planks provides the most realistic wood look and feel available