Solatube 14" Flashing

flashings to combine with the starter kit for the 290DS (dome not included)
by Solatube

This item is for Flashing only; the Acrylic Dome is not included. The dome is included with the starter kit (see related items below).

no pitch
For Roof Pitches


  • Provides a horizontal opening on a sloped roof
Vusion Shingle
Vusion Shake/Slate
Vusion Metal*
*Order metal roof kit

no pitch
For Roof Pitches

No Pitch

  • Use on low pitched or flat roofs. Available in 4 in/100 mm or 6 in/150 mm heights.
  • Use 6 in/150 mm for areas prone to heavy snow
    loads and on commercial roofs.
Vusion Flat

no pitch

Universal Tile
* Patent #7,168,211

  • Pitched or no pitch models are available.
  • Use standard pitched or standard no pitch flashing as a base.
Vusion Tile
Vusion Flat Tile

no pitch

Curb Mounted

Vusion Standard
Vusion Metal

Country of Manufacture: US

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