TerraCycle Circuit Board Picture Frame - 4x6

made from recycled circuit boards
by TerraCycle
Save 38%
DwellSmart is proud to partner with TerraCycle to provide you the opportunity to purchase from the growing range of TerraCycle products. To view our complete TerraCycle collection, please visit TerraCycle Products. Visit TerraCycle

Picture your favorite photo enclosed in a frame made from actual circuit boards. Frame dimensions are 7" x 9" - accommodates photos sized 4" x 6".

TerraCycle helps to prevent thousands of tons of electronic waste from going to landfills.

Please note that the picture window protection is made of a very durable and clear plastic instead of glass.

Note:  Our current stock of 4x6 frames have a slight warpage occurring on many of the frames. This is not impacting the look of the frame, but it has caused many of the frames to have some delamination between the front and back of the frame. Some adhesive may be needed to secure the front and back of the frame. Due to this common defect, we have discounted the 4x6 frames to save you $5 on each.

Country of Manufacture: CN