Forbo Adhesive Remover

safe solvent alternative in quart or gallon
by Forbo

Forbo Adhesive Remover is formulated using bio-based solvents that are safe alternatives to highly flammable, toxic or petroleum hydrocarbon solvents, or corrosive chemicals. Forbo Adhesive Remover is a ready to use, non-toxic, VOC compliant, biodegradable product specifically designed to remove the most difficult adhesives from Forbo flooring surfaces. This soy and corn bio-based adhesive remover are formulated using a gel technology that allows the product to cling to surfaces to enhance performance.


Amount per use: Varies

Approximate Spread Rate: Varies

Applicator: Brush, Cloth or Sponge

Forbo Adhesive Remover Technical Specs

Safety Information

Forbo Adhesive Remover Saftey Sheet

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