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TimberSoy Natural Wood Stain - 2oz Sample

a penetrating, eco-friendly, bio-based wood stain
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TimberSoy a Natural Wood Stain is the world's leading professional grade bio-based emulsion technology that provides a penetrating semi-transparent non film forming stain that integrally bonds and beautifully colorizes natural wood substrates. The non toxic natural wood stain has ingredients that help rejuvenate, preserve and protect wood without degrading the appearance of the grain. The TimberSoy wood stain, is a breathable wood stain to allow necessary moisture vapors to escape without causing delamination. Enjoy a lap free flow, excellent sprayability, and a quick dry time for the fastest return to service. We also have a great Non Toxic Concrete Stain available here!

Best Wood Stain Uses: Wood floors, wood decks, wood fences, wood trim, wood cabinets, wood furniture, log cabins, wood sheds, wood gazebos, fiber cement, and much more...

Wood Stain Coverage:
400 - 600 square feet per gallon. (Less than $.10 sq.ft. for the lowest cost in class)

Wood Finish:
A natural sheen. (Various sheen levels achieved with applicable sealers and finishes.)

Wood Stain Colors:
Select 36 standard wood stain colors from our wood stain color chart with optional anti-fade cool I.R. (Infrared Reflective) colors. Custom Colors available.

New Micro-Flo NG Technology: An advanced formulation to achieve faster penetration, even easier installation, and increased integral bonding. By incorporating small particle size chemistry and an improved ability to reduce surface tension, the stain flows more efficiently into the substrate with ease and without streaking. Professional applicators and artisans now enjoy enhanced versatile color layering and faster distribution of the stain with more variety of applicator tool choices, including high-quality pump sprayers.

Benefits and Certifications: TimberSoyTM meet more Green Building LEED attributes than any other wood stain product by containing renewable resource materials, recycled content and ultra-low VOC's. It is the preferred choice among professional green builders worldwide.

Application/Coverage: The advanced technology will provide you with more than double the spread rate (400-600 sq.ft./gal) compared to competitive products. You simply can't find a safer, more flexible or more affordable wood stain.

Common applications: Decorate, renew or repair porous surfaces


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