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COREtec Plus 5 - Stair Treads

for easier installation of steps up to 48" wide
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Color: Ashton Woods Oak
STAIR TREAD SYSTEM Introducing a durable, waterproof vinyl stair tread with pre-attached stair nosing. This stair tread is an easy, low-maintenance way to add value to your home. Q: What if my staircase has pre-existing spindles? A: They need to be removed prior to installation of COREtec® Stair Tread and re-installed after the COREtec® Stair Tread installation is complete. DO NOT CUT AROUND EXISTING SPINDLES TO INSTALL COREtec® Stair Tread! Available for: COREtec® Plus XL Enhanced, COREtec® Plus HD, COREtec® Premium, COREtec® PRO Plus XL Enhanced, COREtec®PRO Plus HD 7”, COREtec® PRO Plus HD 9”. 100% Waterproof Pre-attached nosing for easy front installation Includes end cap to be cut to size for the right or left side, then adhered to tread for open staircases Seamless one-piece stair tread Meets building code Easy DIY install or professional installation • Personal Protective Equipment (Gloves, Safety Glasses, Dust Mask, Etc.) • Measuring Tape • Pliers • Hammer • Vacuum • 5 in 1 Tool/Scraper • Heavy Duty, Urethane Construction Adhesive • Caulking Gun • Sliding Miter Saw With Carbide Tipped Blade • Table Saw with Carbide Tipped Blade • T-Bevel or Angle Gauge • 100 grit sandpaper • Brad/Finish Nailer • Denatured Alcohol SPECIFICATIONS: 48” length x 12” width. Thickness of “overlap” (see image): 1.7” Please see this product data sheet for more information and installation instructions.

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