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Eco-Tuff Non-Skid Coating, Factory Tinted

a rubberized, non-skid safety coating for a variety of surfaces
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$69.00 - $429.00
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Color: Black Night

Eco-Tuff Floor Coating is mixed with your choice of a recycled glass powder or recycled rubber additive to impart a barefoot friendly slip resistant texture to your non skid coating application.

Eco-Tuff Floor Coating is an advanced non-toxic self-sealing waterproofing hybrid chemistry that incorporates a durable solvent free bio-based polyurethane dispersion and a hard wearing water-based emulsion resin that delivers outstanding abrasion, chemical, UV, and weather resistance. Its an ideal balance of performance and safety. Unlike many floor coatings, including epoxy floor coatings, Eco-Tuff is a breathable material that allows moisture vapor to escape. Our virtually odorless floor coating formulation is suitable for interior or exterior use. Available in 12 standard colors with optional Infrared Reflective (IR version. Please note that the 2 oz sample doesn't come with the IR pigmentation. Custom colors are available; please call to order.

Eco-Tuff is a single component, zero-VOC, high-build, high-flex ultra-tough waterproof coating material. There are no hazardous ingredients, is non-flammable and virtually odorless. It is engineered for the most extreme environments from freezing cold temperatures to the hottest climates around the world. It is capable of withstanding abrasion, UV, chemicals, hot tire pick-up, and submersible applications.

  • high-flex: Eco-Tuff has the unique ability to provide maximum pliability for substrates that naturally expand and contract.Conventional coating materials will eventually crack when subjected to such shifts and will lead to premature failure.Eco-Tuff offers maximum life of your investment.

  • high-build: Eco-Tuff applies at 1/8" and up to 1/4" depending on the number of topcoats. The mil thickness is up to 30 times that of conventional epoxy or floor paint coatings, offering years of durability and easily repairable self bonding capability.

Country of Manufacture: United States


  • Colors: Available in 12 standard colors from our color palette with optional Infrared Reflective (IR version. Custom colors available, please call to order.

  • Formulations: Standard and fine
  • Sheen: Satin finish.May be top coated with Eco-Tuff H..Coating or Eco-Tuff H..Clear coats for a Matte or Gloss Sheen

Technical Data

Made with recycled content materials, the advanced formulation of cross-linking modified acrylics, urethanes, co-polymers and EPDM rubberized granules delivers a Green Building compliant safety coating with superior durability, flexibility and safety.

Suggested Use

May be used on concrete, wood, fiber glass, and metal surfaces. Each formulation is customised for its intended application.

Application/Coverage Approximate Spread Rates: 100-125 sq.t/gal.per coat.2 coat application required. We recommend 3 coats for heavy industrial applications.

The Infrared Reflective (IR) pigment color options provide you with cooler colors, unmatched colorfastness along with excellent chemical and weathering resistance. White with TiO2 pigment will have the best solar reflectance, but not always the most practical or desirable when decorative colors are preferred.

When selecting colors other than white, the surface color will absorb light at certain wavelengths and reflect it at others. IR pigment technology allows for the use of beautiful and bold colors, including black tones, to have impactful total solar reflectance (TSR) compared to non-IR conventional pigments.

The Benefits of Selecting IR Pigment

There are numerous reasons why you should choose IR pigments for your outdoor stain or coating project.

  • Cooler to the touch
  • Less thermal degradation
  • Fade resistant
  • Excellent chemical resistance
  • Excellent heat resistance
  • Superior coastal exposure

Made From Renewable Materials


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