Citrus Solvent

made from 98% pure citrus peel oil
by The Real Milk Paint Co.
Citrus Solvent is not the same as Citrus Solve or Citri Solve or any of the host of other cleaning products on the market. It is however an excellent degreaser. Citrus Solvent is 98% pure citrus peel oil extracted from the peel of the orange fruit. The other 2% is water. This small amount of water is emulsified in the solvent and will not raise wood grain but is released into the air as the solvent evaporates. Citrus Solvent does not contain any emulsions, surfactants or any other additives. Citrus Solvent is "Water Clear" and not deep orange like lower grades. "Water Clear" means that it will not add more amber color when mixed with Pure Tung Oil. Citrus Solvent does not contribute to depletion of the upper ozone but is gently returned to earth with the rain. Actually it is continuously being released into the air in every orange grove.
Citrus Solvent also does not promote damage in the internal organs of the body when breathed but is passed through. When you drink orange juice from the store, you do drink small amounts of Citrus Solvent. However this does not mean to throw caution to the wind and celebrate by taking a healthy swig of solvent.

HISTORY: Citrus Solvent is a biodegradable solvent occurring in nature as the main component of citrus peel oil. Citrus Solvents interesting chemical properties, pleasant citrus aroma, & FDA-GRAS rating ("generally recognized as safe") have earned the product phenomenal acceptance in many diverse chemical applications. Citrus Solvent can be used in its pure form blended with most other solvents & drying oils.

Country of Manufacture: US

Safety Information

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Shipping Information

Citrus Solvent can only be ground shipped through UPS because of its flammability rating; therefore, overnight, second day or any air deliveries are not possible.

Suggested Use

USES & APPLICATIONS:As a straight solvent, citrus natural solvent can replace a wide variety of products, including mineral spirits, methyl ethyl ketone, acetone, toluene, glycol ethers, and of course fluorinated and chlorinated organic solvents. It may be used as a replacement for toxic chlorinated solvents, glycol ether, MEK (methyl ethyl ketone), xylene, Freon, and CFCs parts cleaner, engine degreaser (automotive, aircraft and aerospace industries), electronics cleaning, tar and asphalt remover, asbestos shingle remover, graffiti remover, grease trap maintainer, lift station and sewage treatment applications, hand cleaner, floor cleaner, printing press cleaner, carpet stain cleaner, metal cleaner, aerosol ingredient, fragrance additive, deodorant for petroleum industry, heat transfer medium, and possible candidate for a variety of medical applications.
Citrus Solvent is the major component of the oil extracted from citrus rind. When citrus fruits are juiced, the oil is pressed out of the rind. This oil is separated from the juice, and distilled to recover certain flavor and fragrance compounds. The bulk of the oil is left behind and collected. This is food grade citrus solvent. After the juicing process, the peels are conveyed to a steam extractor. This extracts more of the oil from the peel. When the steam is condensed, a layer of oil floats on the surface of the condensed water. This is technical grade citrus solvent, which is the type of citrus solvent we offer.
In the past decade, the use of citrus solvent has expanded tremendously. Much of the product goes into making paint solids, used to impart an orange fragrance to products, and used as a secondary cooling fluid. But the largest growth segment has been the use of citrus solvent in cleaning products. This has occurred in both industrial uses and in household/institutional products. Citrus solvent can be used either as a straight solvent, or as a water dilatable product.
As with most organic solvents, Citrus Solvent, is not water soluble, so it can be used in the typical water separation units. With KB value of 67, citrus solvent has solubility properties close to that of CFCs indicating that it is a much better solvent than a typical mineral spirit. Straight citrus solvent can be used as a wipe cleaner, in a dip bath, or in spray systems as a direct substitute for most other organic solvents.