Coral Brush Tiles

Stop up to 95% of tracked-in moisture and dirt with this entryway flooring made from discarded fishing nets. 11.02/square foot
Carton of 32.3 Sq Ft

A strong and solid performer that fits in anywhere, Coral Brush Tiles are suitable for all types of entrance areas, absorbing moisture and removing dry soiling as the weather demands. With its simple, solid colors, this entrance flooring works well with any interior design.

Coral Tiles are manufactured using ECONYL® regenerated polyamide yarns. Abandoned fishing nets are one of the unlikely sources of unwanted waste material which go to make ECONYL®. Using ECONYL® is a way to reduce existing waste, avoid additional manufacturing-related pollution, and keep consumption of natural resources and energy to a minimum.

Sold by the carton: 12 tiles per carton, or 32.29 square feet

Coral Brush is made of three yarns: capillary yarns to absorb moisture, active dirt-scraping yarns and heavy duty texture yarns that can withstand intensive use.

• Functional all-rounder that removes both moisture and dirt
• Made with Econyl® 100% regenerated yarns
• Complies with the highest fire class standard Bfl-s1
• Suitable for the toughest commercial use
• Ideal for inside entrance and circulation areas

Stock Colors: avocado green, byzantine purple, cinnamon brown, biscotti brown, stratos blue, asphalt grey, hurricane grey, shark grey, chocolate brown, charcoal grey, vulcan black.

The lead time for non-stock items is 6-8 weeks.

Thickness 0.35 in
Tile Length x width 50cm x 50cm
Pile height 7 mm
Ncs S 8005-Y80R


  • Reaction to fire

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