Wrap-n-Mat Sandwich Wrap

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by DwellSmart
Because these Wrap-n-Mat sandwich wraps are reusable, you'll generate less waste and save money in the long run. The wraps also open to form a convenient place mat/eating surface.

Choose your favorite print or solid. It makes unwrapping a lunchtime sandwich feel like opening a gift!

Country of Manufacture: China


Dimensions: 13"x13".

Technical Data

The lining of the wrap is made with LDPE (Low-density polyethylene), #4 Resin Code. The material is manufactured to meet all FDA guidelines to be in contact with food. It is:
  • Phthalate free
  • Lead free
  • BPA free

LDPE is the same material as the typical plastic sandwich bag but are made with a thicker grade of LDPE to ensure its re-usability. The thicker material allows less air to penetrate, keeping what_s inside fresher than the typical plastic sandwich bag. We are aware that the LDPE material appears to have hash marks in the lining. These markings are not cuts nor defects in any way and will NOT lessen the durability of the wrap.

Care and Maintenance

Cleaning instructions: hand wash in warm water and air dry.

Suggested Use

Wrap-N-Mat Wraps are NOT intended for hot foods, to be heated or to be microwaved. As with any plastic, placing hot food upon the lining will make it melt.