Woolly Pocket - Tina Planter

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Create a splish-splash of colorful life anywhere, even in the tiniest of spaces with the Woolly Pocket - Tina Planter! Islands are perfect for your office, dorm room or yacht! Meet Tina, the little sister in the family of Islands. She has five sides and is perfect for planting your favorite orchids, herbs, ferns and succulents. She loves to be the center of attention, so use her as a living centerpiece at your next big event. She̥s super lightweight and can easily be moved from the table to the bookshelf as you wish!

Plants are our natural friends, so let's give them a cozy home they̥ll love and thrive in. Made from 100% recycled plastic bottles, Pockets are soft-sided, breathable, modular and infectiously fun! And they̥re made right here in the USA by our Woolly little Family.

Country of Manufacture: US


Pocket Dimensions 5-sided shape, no zippersÌ_Height = 4 inchesÌ_
Diameter = 9 inchesÌ_
Soil Volume = 0.20 cfÌ_


Black or Chocolate

Technical Data

1.) BREATHABILITY In a regular pot, plants tend to get root bound, coiling inwards and eventually strangling themselves. Tinḁs breathable sides allow excess moisture to evaporate. Letting plants aerate helps them to breath and grow strong, healthy roots. 2.) MOISTURE BARRIER Tina has a moisture barrier that wraps all the way across the bottom and up the sides. This ensures floors do not get wet.Ì_
Ì_3.) SMART WATERING The moisture barrier also creates a reservoir of water ̐ much like a self-watering container ̐ that allows plants to drink at their leisure. The soil stays moist for a longer period of time, and keeps plants healthier and happier. The barrier also conserves water and keeps soil̥s nutrition inside the Pocket.


How to Grow with Tina?Ì_
1. Unfold Tina, and fill her _ inch from the top with high-quality potting soil.Ì_
2. Choose your favorite full-sized plants or herbs and get creative. Tina works great as a living centerpiece, so fill her with basil or oregano and invite her to your next Italian-Style meal.

Care and Maintenance

Smart WateringÌ_
What you̥ve heard is true, most indoor plants that kick the bucket do so as a result of being overwatered. However, we̥ve done a few things to our Islands to help stop that from happening.Ì_

What Kind of Water, How Much and How Often?

We recommend watering Tina with filtered water. How much and how often you will need to water depends entirely on the plant you choose. As a guide, one cup of water per week is good for Tina. Scale up and down from there by paying attention to your soil. It̥s important your soil gets a bit dry in between watering, in general you want your soil to feel like a moist brownie mix.

Tina likes to be watered slowly. Use a long-spout watering can or a wine bottle, and aim for the center of the Pocket. Take your time with the watering so that the water sinks into Tinḁs soil and makes its way down to the reservoir.

Should you overwater your Island, you will see small beads of water form at the sides. Fear not, just stop watering! We̥ve equipped all of our little guys with breathable sides so the excess moisture will be able to evaporate out of your Pocket̥s sides. To be extra careful, bring Tina to a sink for the weekly watering.