Velux 21" Flexible Sun Tunnel Kit

with a flexible tunnel for quick and easy installations around attic obstructions
by Velux
The Model TGF 21" features a flexible tunnel that can be installed quickly around attic obstructions, making it the easiest tubular product to install in the industry.

VELUX SUN TUNNEL__ skylights admit passive light from the Sun without the normal heat emitted by electrical light sources. ?This Sun Tunnel kit includes an exterior dome, flashing, 8 feet of flexible tubing, and a ceiling ring and frosted diffuser. ?See related items below for optional accessories such as flexible tunnel extensions, a universal electric light kit, a blackout shade, a turret extension, or a fresnal diffuser replacement.

This skylight kit will span up to 8 feet. ?Tunnel extensions are available. ?The maximum recommended installation length for the 21" tunnel is 12 feet. The rigid tunnel will span a longer length with good light capture.

The TGF model includes a low profile or 'no pitch' flashing for an integrated look with the roofline.

The TGF model offers two dome options -?a standard acrylic or high-impact polycarbonate for hurricane prone areas and a tile kit for installation on a tile roof.

The Velux Sun Tunnel skylight kit comes with a pre-assembled ceiling ring and paintable ceiling trim ring to complete any look. The skylight features a dual diffuser that red(more...)

Country of Manufacture: United States