Sustain 885M Adhesive

by Forbo, mfr in Simpsonville, SC
? Marmoleum?
¯Sheet & Tile, Walton, Marmoleum?
¯Decibel, Marmoleum?
¯Composition Sheet (MCS), Corkment Underlayment, Marmoleum?
¯Composition Tile¯
(MCT), Coral?
¯Entrance Flooring¯
? SCS-Certified 20% Post-Consumer Recycled Content (PCC)¯
? Packaged in biodegradable plastic pails¯
? Dual Acrylic Polymer¯
? Contains MicroSept? anti-microbial protection¯
? Not flammable; 100% Solvent free¯
? Storage: Freeze-thaw stable: 1 cycle at 20o
¯F. If the pail is opened and found to be frozen, let it set closed and undisturbed at room temperature until¯
thawed. DO NOT try to mix frozen adhesive.¯
? Shelf life: 1 year in unopened container¯
? Appearance and Odor: Grey paste with little or no odor¯
? VOC Emissions: 0 grams per liter (calculated per CA South Coast Rule 1168)¯
? Spread Rate: Approximately 125 square feet per gallon¯
? Available in one and four gallon units¯

Country of Manufacture: United States