Sun-Mar Garden Composter - 100 gal.

continuous, tumble composting for fast results
by Sun-Mar Corp.

A typical American household generates more than 200 lbs of kitchen waste each year. Why dispatch it to our overflowing landfills or send it down your disposal when you can use it to improve your lawn and garden? Composting is great for your garden and for the environment. You_ll have healthier plants with improved soil structure and nutrients provided by the compost. You_ll have a free source of organic, chemical-free fertilizer. You_ll be sending less trash into the waste stream (yard trimmings and kitchen waste together make up 24% of U.S. municipal solid waste). Compost helps soil to retain moisture, so you_ll be able to use less water to maintain your garden.

The Sun-Mar 400 is a continuous composter with an 11 bushel (100 gallon) capacity. It is excellent for composting kitchen scraps and cut up garden trimmings. It is pest resistant. To use the Sun-Mar 400, open the sliding door and pour compostables into the feed port. Close the sliding door and give the composter a spin, using the easy turn shaft handle. Compost comes out the output port on the end of the device when it is ready.

The tumble-style design provides many advantages over other composters. Each rotation adds oxygen which speeds decomposition of organic waste. The drum_s insulating properties retain heat, which also accelerates composting. The double drum design provides for continuous composting, which means no waiting on batches. You may need to add water periodically if the compost appears dry.

For even faster composting, add carbon-rich materials (_̍browns_̱) like sawdust, straw, dry leaves, or wood chips. These balance the nitrogen-rich materials (_̍greens_̱) that typically come out of kitchens. Chopping up whatever goes into the composter means it will break down faster.


  • Height: 36"
  • Width: 42"
  • Depth: 28"
  • Weight: 60 lbs

This composter requires minimal assembly. Just snap the cradle onto the drum bearings and you are ready to go. Includes manufacturer warranty of one year for parts.

For general information on composting, see our guidelines for How to Make Compost.

'Sun-Mar 200 Autoflow'

Country of Manufacture: Canada