Sun-Mar Excel NE Composting Toilet

the non-electric version of Sun-Mar's leading composting toilet
by Sun-Mar Corp.
The Excel NE (non-electric) from Sun-Mar features a 3-chamber unit specifically designed for areas without a continuous power supply. First launched in 1981, the Excel NE has long been the standard toilet for those living off the grid. A 1998 redesign gave the unit a rounded look, and recessed the drum handle.

The Excel NE has no fan or heater. Odorless operation is achieved by a 4" vent mounted at the top rear of the unit which functions the same was as a chimney on a wood stove. For good air movement, the vent should be installed vertically with 2-3 feet clearance above the peak of the roof.

Use the optional 12 Volt Fan if you need to install the toilet with any bends in the vent. No more than two 45̤ bends are recommended, even if using the fan. If the Excel NE will be used heavily or will be located in a place subject to downdrafts, the optional 12 volt fan should be installed in the vent stack. The fan draws 1.4 watts and can be powered by a solar panel or a 12 volt marine battery.

Listed capacities refer to the amount of people, on average, using the unit per day. Do not pick a unit that is below your capacity.
Residential/Continuous (Adults/Families) 2 adults or families of 3
Seasonal/Vacation (Adults/Families) 5 adults or families of 7


Maximum Amps (With Heater On) N/A
Fan Watts (Required or Optional Hookup) 1.4 (12 volt optional)
Heater Watts (When Thermostat switches it on) N/A
Average Power Use in Watts (Heater on 1/2 time) N/A

Vent & Drains

Vent Pipe 4" PVC Thinwall
Drains (Required or Optional Hookup) 1" Drain, Required Use

Weights (Lbs.) & Dimensions

Product Weight/Shipping Weight 50-95
Shipping Carton Dimensions (W by L by H) 28" by 35 1/2" by 36"
Depth Required to Remove Drawer 46"
Vent outlet center distance from right side 11 1/4"
Height to center of vent N/A
Unit Height/Width/Depth 31 1/2" by 32 1/2" by 33 1/2"

See the Rough-In diagram for more detail on dimensions.

Country of Manufacture: Canada