SoyRock Landscape Rock Stain

5-gallon buckets, available with and without I.R. pigments
by Eco Safety Products
SoyRock is available in 5-gallon buckets with and without the IR pigments. Please call to order larger sizes including 55-gallon or 275-gallon containers.

SoyRock is a non-toxic, eco-friendly bio-based chemistry engineered with an advanced soy ester dispersion technology. It is the #1 selling bio-based, semi-transparent, eco-friendly decorative concrete stain and the preferred choice among professional green builders and concrete artisans worldwide. SoyRock meets more sustainability attributes than any other stain product by containing renewable resource materials, recycled content and ultra-low VOC's.

SoyRock is the world?s leading professional grade bio-based emulsion technology and provides a penetrating semi-transparent non film forming stain that integrally bonds and beautifully colorizes natural quarried rocks, stones, boulders, and recycled crushed concrete rocks.Change colors or add accent colors to existing rock to avoid special orders and installation of more expensive rock.A penetrating integral film maintains the rocks original natural appearance and will not peel or look fake like traditional topical rock paints.
  • Petro-Solvent Free
  • Bio-Based
  • Gylcol Ether Free
  • Acid-Free
  • Penetrating
  • Integral Bonding
  • Non-Film Formin

SoyRock Product Data Sheet

Country of Manufacture: United States


  • Colors: 35 standard colors from our color palette with optional Infrared Reflective (IR version, for the ultimate in exterior UV protection. Custom colors available.
    SoyRock Color Chart./a>
  • Packaging: 5 Gallons, 55 Gallons, 275 Gallon Totes.(5 gallon is the minimum size packaging
  • Sheen: A penetrating stain that is non-film forming when applied correctly, thus imparts a natural matte finish.

Safety Information

SoyRock Material Safety Data Sheet


SoyRock Application Guide