Solatube Diffuser

for 10" and 14" (160DS and 290DS)
by Solatube

Solatube changed the way the diffusers attach in 2010. If you have an older Solatube please also order the Solatube Diffuser Replacement Kit. If you have any questions, we can help you with your order.

Solatube offers a range of diffuser options for the 10" and 14" models.

Solatube Vusion Diffuser Vision Diffuser

For outstanding light diffusion that artfully blends to the ceiling plane, select the Vusion diffuser. The fresh design harmonizes with most decors, yet provides the radiance of natural light.

Optiview OptiView Diffuser

Considered the ultimate in diffuser design, this technologically superior diffuser uses a Fresnel lens to deliver crystal clear daylight and a unique view of the sky.

Optiview Frosted Shade

The Frosted Shade diffuser provides a clean contemporary look to any Solatube Daylighting System. The shade design provides a visual cutoff, producing a soothing comfortable light. The Frosted Shade can be optioned with either the OptiView Diffuser or Vusion Diffuser.

Optiview Stainless-Tone Trim

Designed to complement any modern design, the Stainless-Tone Trim adds the visual edge to the Solatube Daylighting System. The Stainless-Tone Trim is designed to coordinate with metal-finished fixtures. The Stainless-Tone Trim can be optioned with either the OptiView Diffuser or Vusion Diffuser.

Country of Manufacture:  US