Soapstone Sealer & Wood Wax

a beautiful, natural, food safe sealer for Soapstone and wood.
by The Real Milk Paint Co.

Soapstone Sealer and Wood Wax is made from food grade Walnut Oil and T 1 Carnauba Wax Flakes. There are no solvents added which means no VOCs (volatile organic chemical) or added fragrances. Soapstone Sealer is made with food-contact safe material. This means it is safe for food to touch or lay on the surface without fear of contamination. Walnut oil is a drying oil. As the walnut oil takes in oxygen it will polymerize or cure.

This is why walnut oil does not go rancid. It will cure before it can spoil.

Soapstone Sealer is made from all natural products and is not a petroleum product like mineral oil. Mineral oil, also known as liquid petrolatum, is a byproduct in the distillation of petroleum to produce gasoline. Mineral oil is a non-drying oil. What this means is that it does not evaporate but is picked up and transferred around the house. This is how it disappears off the soapstone.

Soapstone Sealer and Wood Wax is a pale white soft paste in the jar. When applied in a thin layer it will be transparent. Because it contains walnut oil, each jar will develop a thin self-sealing skin on top of the wax. Simply peel this away and dispose of it. Rub wax into the surface with a soft cloth or "T" shirt. Allow to set for 15 to 30 minutes, then buff off. Multiple layers of this wood finish may be applied a day apart from each other. In sinks made of soapstone please allow wax to dry over night before filling with water. Wooden ware, cutting boards, bowls and the like will also benefit from Soapstone Sealer and Wood wax because it acts as a great wood finish. Can be used on Honed Granite but would not work well on high-polished stone or stone with a high-polish sealer.

Soapstone Sealer and Wood Wax can be affected or removed with strong chemical such as vinegar and ammonia.

This product contains Walnut Oil. Some people with nut allergies may have a reaction. Walnut Oil however is a "Drying Oil" which mean that it will polymerize and cure (15 to 30 days) as opposed to other nut oils such as peanut, cashew and the like.

Country of Manufacture: US