Safecoat Acriglaze

a special mixing medium and finish suitable for use even in the display, art and show fields
by AFM Safecoat

Safecoat AcriGlaze is a special mixing medium and finishes suitable for use even in the display, art and show fields. It is mildew resistant, odorless and dries clear. Ideal for restoring old finishes to their original brilliance, sealing and preserving painted work, faux finishing and as an adhesive for papier mache. Dries clear.

Use On: Clear finish for masonry, brick, plaster, wood, paneling, etc., where a soft low luster finish and sealer is desired. May be used both interior or exterior as a reducer for any type of water-based paint. An excellent medium for artist colors and universal tints.

Surface Preparation: All surfaces must be clean, dry, free from dirt, dust, grease, efflorescence, loose peeling or chalking paint. Dull glossy surfaces by sanding or washing with a solution of SafeChoice Super Clean followed by a clear water rinse. Remove all mold and mildew and thoroughly clean followed by water rinsing. Remove efflorescence by washing with a 10% solution of muriatic acid and brushing, followed by washing. Repair all holes, cracks, etc. with an appropriate patching material. Do not apply over oil-based materials without first testing for compatibility.

Application: Always use adequate ventilation. Use a short nap roller or nylon brush. Spray any large masonry exterior surfaces. Care should be taken to avoid over agitation as it creates bubbles. Apply as a clear varnish as supplied. Two or three coats will provide a wet look and offer better water resistance. Do not use when air or surface temperature is below 50 degrees F. Applying over oil-based paints and mediums may cause the product to yellow; test on an inconspicuous area before doing large surface.

Coverage: One gallon of Safecoat AcriGlaze covers approximately 200-400 square feet in one coat depending on the method of application and surface porosity.

Thinning: None required, water if needed.

Clean-Up: Clean tools and equipment while they are still wet with a solution of SafeChoice Super Clean and warm water.

Drying/Curing Time: Under normal conditions, Safecoat AcriGlaze dries to touch in one hour and is recoatable after four hours. Normal conditions include a clean, dry surface, access to fresh air flow, a dust-free environment, moderate humidity, and temperatures above 55 degrees F. Thick application, high humidity or conditions other than normal will cause Safecoat AcriGlaze to dry and cure more slowly.

Maintenance: Clean with an odorless, dye-free, all-purpose cleaner like SafeChoice Super Clean.

Limitations: Safecoat AcriGlaze is made without conventional formaldehyde preservatives. Do not contaminate. Store in airtight containers. Do not subject coating to temperature extremes. Do not use when temperatures are expected to fall below 55 degrees F. Do not freeze.

Safety Data Sheet AcriGlaze Gloss

Safety Data Sheet AcriGlaze Matte

Country of Manufacture: US