Primer Sand

mix in to add 'tooth' to liquid primers
by American Clay
American Clay now offers primer sand which may be combined with a paint primer to use in place of the Sanded Primer Elite. The mixture of lightweight sand aggregates combined with an isolating paint primer will produce a textured sand primer that has the consistency and texture required to provide tooth for the American Clay plasters.

The Primer Sand should be mixed with a high-solids, isolating paint primer. The Primer Sand has been tested in combination with our zero-VOC Multi-Purpose primer by American Pride (see related items below). This is an excellent primer providing adherence to a variety of surfaces. Combined with the Primer Sand, you can expect to cover about 300+/- square feet per gallon depending on the substrate.

The Primer Sand is available in two sizes:
  • A one pound (1 lb) bag which is used/mixed with one gallon of primer
  • A 5-gallon bucket which contains sufficient primer sand to mix with 25 gallons of primer
Tools for Mixing:
  • A low-speed spiral drill mixer with mixing paddle or a stir stick
  • Drop cloths to protect nearby surfaces
  • Safety glasses and NOISH-approved N95 Dust Mask with HEPA filter
Mixing Instructions:
  • Always begin by using proper safety equipment when mixing American Clay products
  • Add Primer Sand slowly to your paint primer
  • If using one pound bag, mix full bag with one gallon of primer (if using 5-gallon bucket, mix 3 cups of Primer Sand per gallon of primer)
  • Carefully start mixing with spiral drill mixer or stir stick
  • Continue until all Primer Sand is mixed into paint primer
  • When finished, cover Primer with lid
  • When reusing Primer, remix with stir stick or spiral drill mixer if needed

Country of Manufacture: United States