Higuera Bamboo Flush Vent - 6" x 12"

offers an uninterrupted smooth surface to your hardwood flooring installation
by Higuera Hardwoods
Higuera Hardwoods two piece flush mount bamboo vents are designed to be installed in your floor with a permanently mounted frame and a removable inner vent section for easy cleaning.A flush mount vent offers an uninterrupted smooth surface to your hardwood flooring installation.

  • Bamboo: Solid and Strand Wove
  • Prefinished: Yes
  • Color: Carbonized, Natural and Stained
  • Grain: Vertical, Horizontal and Strand Woven
  • Style: Flush Mount - 2 piece frame and inner vent gril

Country of Manufacture: China


  • Dimension: 6" x 12

NOTE: Size shown is for the interior vent grill size and do not include the frame size.h3>Ingredients/CompositionHiguera Hardwoods bamboo vents are manufactured from mountain grown Moso bamboo that is extracted from controlled forests with a 5-6 year old harvest. The raw bamboo materials are then kiln dried to a 5-9% moisture rate, ensuring years of trouble free use.h3>Benefits and CertificationsHiguera Hardwoods products utilize only high quality manufacturing adhesives that emit less off gassing than allowed by United States OSHA and the European E1 standards, and we use only the finest adhesives that that are both strong and do not add urea formaldehyde to our product.

At Higuera Hardwoods the quality of the products have earned the following internationally recognized certifications for the highest level of quality and environmentally consciences business practices:

  • ISO 9001: 2000 and 14001
  • Certified Factory: Advanced equipment that ensures durability for you