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Hand Crafted Dahlia Bird House

made from recycled barn wood, tin, and other artifacts
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This birdhouse should last since it is made from reclaimed barn wood and salvaged roof tin. All the materials have been outside all their lives anyway and we use exterior paint. The antique barnwood is painted, distressed and assembled with screws so you can take it apart and clean it to keep our little feathered friends coming back. It doesn't have some incredibly engineered hinge system for clean out. You will be expected to use a screwdriver. The rusty tin is cut out and handpainted. It is designed to attract bluebirds by having a 1 1/2 inch hole and doesn't have a perch. Some birds like to cling rather than perch.

Approximate Dimensions: 16"h x 12"d x 9"w
Country of Manufacture:US

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