Flotex Vision - Floral - Silhouette 650001

_colored sheet with creative floral design
by Forbo Other
per square yard
Forbo Flotex Vision Floral Sheet _is a great carpet option for any space, commercial or residential. _The Vision line of Flotex Carpet features beautiful floral patterns set to match any room. _

98" width and sold by the square yard. The gauge thickness is .1".

Hygiene issues and clean air are more important than ever. Often when hygiene is key, atmosphere and design of the environment take second stand. Flotex brings both together. The warm comfortable floor covering comes in a wide range of colors and designs that match any professional requirement, while meeting the highest hygienic standard. The highly-effective anti-microbial treatment ?Sanitized? offers constant protection against bacteria, including MRSA and E-coli. The ease of cleaning and maintenance, and economic use of water diminish the impact on the environment.

Country of Manufacture: United Kingdom


Tile size: 20" x 20" approx (50 cm x 50 cm) | Gauge: 0.1" (5. mm)

Technical Data

Technical Data

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Flotex Integrity can be installed with by the tessellated installation method.h3>Care and MaintenanceA textile flooring with the ease of cleaning a resilient is the true quality of Flotex.When prescribed cleaning procedures are followed, Flotex outperforms any textile floorcovering in appearance. It?s smooth upright nylon 6. fibres allow dirt to be easily removed by ordinary vacuuming.No dry dirt is trapped by any loops or brush edges of the fibre and the vacuum action reaches the very base of the pile, meaning that all dirt is removed. The vinyl base combined with the nylon 6. top layer allows it to be cleaned with water and detergents, simply washing away any spills or stains.Steam cleaning or mechanical cleaning methods can be applied. Flotex is the truly washable textile, dries quickly and as such stays cleaner for longer.

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Commercial or Residential Spaces

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Limited 10 Year Warranty