12 Volt DC Fan for Sun-Mar Toilets

fan kit for Sun-Mar Excel NE composting toilet
The 12 Volt Fan accelerates airflow in Sun-Mar's non-electric composting toilets. It comes pre-installed in an 11" piece of 4" diameter vent pipe so that it will fit inline in your vent stack. It also protects against downdraft and increases the evaporative performance of your non-electric composting toilet by about 10 to 15% (still not enough to evaporate all liquids on an NE).

Sun-Mar recommends using the fan kit for non-electric composting toilets that are used in residential areas or are used with high frequency.

Options for powering the fan:
  • With DC Power: Purchase a solar panel appropriate to the fan wattage (i.e., 5 watts for the 1.4 watt fan). You will also need a 12 Volt battery (Sun-Mar suggests a deep cycle marine battery for best results). Connect the wires on the fan (red wire positive, blue negative) to the appropriate terminals on the battery, and the appropriate wires on the solar panel to the battery. The battery will store the charge from the solar panel, ensuring continuous operation of the fan even at night or cloudy days.
  • With AC Power: Purchase a 12 Volt AC Adapter from any electronics store. Cut off the female plug. Attach the positive wire to the red wire, the negative wire to the blue wire, and secure both with small wire connectors (marrettes). Plug into wall.

Country of Manufacture: CA

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