Enjarre - 80lb Bag

save time and money with the Enjarre, single-coat, sprayable option
by ForboAmerican Clay
PRODUCT DESCRIPTION: ENJARRE is designed to be applied and textured in a single coat, saving time and money while achieving a distinct, natural, beautiful wall and ceiling coating.

PRODUCT OVERVIEW: This highly-textured plaster _ Enjarre _ is designed to be placed in settings where a two-coat product is cost-prohibitive: large commercial, multi-unit housing, production building, and high-traffic government buildings. It also allows homeowners to start with one coat, and add a second coat of the American Clay Premier Plasters as time and money allows.

INSTALLATION: Enjarre needs to be applied more thickly than the other plasters, between 2-3 credit cards thick. Single-coat plaster _ over level II or III drywall _ no skim needed _ hand troweled or sprayable application.

COLOR: To closely match standard Loma colors, a ratio of 1 _ color pigment packs to one 80-lb. bag of Enjarre is used. Standard color pigment packs may be used if measured properly.

COVERAGE: One 80-lb. bag will cover 160-180 square feet per coat.

Country of Manufacture: United States