Eco-Tuff Polyurethane Floor Coating, PreTint, 5 Gal

This bio-based polyurethane formula is the best deck paint for abrasion, chemical, and weathering resistance.
by Eco Safety Products
Eco-Tuff Floor Coating is an advanced non-toxic one component self sealing hybrid chemistry incorporating a solvent free bio-based polyurethane dispersion and proprietary water-based emulsion resin technology to deliver outstanding abrasion, chemical, hot tire, UV, and weather resistance. It is a breathable, uniquely hard yet flexible tintable coating for decorative concrete, non-skid, and surface protective applications. Suitable for interior or exterior use.

INTENDED USE: Decorative Concrete, Garage Floors, Parking Lots, Factory Floors, Wood Decks, Boat Docks, ADA Ramps, Balconies, Fiberglass Boat Decks, Primed Metal Surfaces & More.

TYPICAL COVERAGE: 250 - 350 square feet per gallon.
Depending on surface porosity, texture, film thickness, and application method.

FLOOR COATING COLORS: Select from 12 standard UV resistant solid colors or the cool and anti-fade I.R. (Infrared Reflective) color options.