Eco Timber 3" Natural Red Oak

reclaimed red oak at $8.12 per sq. ft
by EcoTimber
Acri-Soy Penetrating Clear Sealer is an advanced high performance eco-friendly bio-based formulation that delivers optimum substrate protection, durability and sustainability. The bio-based resins penetrate and absorb into the substrate to integrally bond and seal without leaving a topical surface film. This breathable non film forming technology retains the natural appearance, sheen and texture of the substrate. Unlike other sealer technology, Acri-Soy allows necessary moisture vapors to escape instead of being trapped within the coating, which is a primary cause of premature failure. Also unlike other sealer technology, you never have to strip the sealer for maintenance recoats, saving significant time and costs.

Material Safety Data Sheet

Country of Manufacture: US

Technical Data

  • VOC: <10 g/l
  • Bio-Based Content: >20%
  • Solids Content: >10%
  • Dry to Touch: <1 Hour
  • Intercoat Dry Time: 1 Hour or until dry
  • Installation Temperature: 40F-120F
  • Clean-Up: Soap and Water

Safety Information

Material Safety Data Sheet

Care and Maintenance

Clean-Up: Soap and Water.

Suggested Use

Specified around the globe by leading green building architects, facilities maintenance, landscapers, and professional concrete contractors for use on; decorative concrete, warehouse floors, public works projects, residential development, brick pavers, masonry block, natural stones, grout, wood decks, wood trim, fiber cement, plaster, stucco, and more. Provides resistance against efflorescence, dusting, moisture, vehicular fluids, etc.

Benefits and Certifications

Potential USGBC LEED Contributions: MR Credit 1-Building Reuse, MR Credit 3-Materials Reuse, MR Credit 6-Recycled Content, MR Credit 5-Regional Materials, MR Credit 6-Rapidly Renewable Materials, IEQ Credit 4-Low Emitting Materials, ID Credit 1-Innovation in Design.