safe, eco-friendly alternative to harmful acids such as hydrochloric, sulfuric, and muriatic
by Eco Safety Products
Eco-Etchtm Gel Concrete Etch & Sealer Remover is a specially engineered non-hazardous chemistry that provides enhanced porosity on green and mature concrete surfaces. Consistent and uniform etching is__achieved for the highest quality decorative stain or__specialty coating application. Also effectively cleans and removes sealers, efflorescence, mortar deposits, and stains.

The depth of etching is the same as hydrochloric or muriatic acid but with a more uniform etch and__a lot__less odor. It is a safe alternative to these highly volatile acids.__The high viscosity gelled form of Eco-Etchtm makes vertical, horizontal or overhead applications more consistent and safe. This formulation also makes it very easy to neutralize by simply rinsing well with water.

Gelled vs. Liquid: The unique gelled liquid formulation allows maximum flexibility for horizontal, vertical or overhead__surfaces. The high viscosity gel is easy to apply__to ensure__a consistent and uniform application. The gel consistency also provides better coverage with slower evaporation rate as compared to liquid acid.__Liquid acid will naturally flow to the lowest point__and will evaporate much more quickly. Inconsistent coverage and dwell time will naturally affect overall uniformity or even the potential of having inadequate porosity that will affect the quality of installation. __
Compare safety, flexibility, coverage, and quality. You simply can't afford not to use Eco-Etchtm for your__decorative and sustainable green building compliant projects.

Theoretical Coverage Rate: 100-200 sq.ft./gal.____as low as__.18 cents per square foot.

Conforms to ASTM D4260-05 "Standard Practice for Liquid and Gelled Acid Etching of Concrete".

Application: Apply liberally and evenly by stippled (looped) or textured roller. Allow the material to dwell for 20-30 minutes then backroll material to reagitate and rotate the gel for continued etching action. Allow another 20-30 minutes. To determine your effective dwell time, always test a small area prior to full project application.

Country of Manufacture: United States