Deco-Poz Concrete Resurfacer, White Cement Mix, 10 Lbs

Buy the Deco-Poz Countertop Resurfacer kit, that includes the gray cement mix and concrete bonding polymer. Transform laminates, plywood, cement boards and more.
by Eco Safety Products
Deco-Poz Eco-Blend White Cement Mix is a high performance concrete microtopping made with high purity crystalline silica free recycled pozzolan for added strength, sulfate resistance, and reduction of portland cement demand. Packaged for smaller area projects such as countertops, tables, shower surrounds, concrete wall art, crafts, repairs and more.
Simply pour in the 32 Oz Deco-Poz Ready-to-Use Bonding Polymer and mix. Add up to 12 oz of water to increase flow and viscosity as determined by the application type, thickness, and trowel method. Transform existing substrates with a new crack resistant concrete canvas. Apply over concrete, wood, laminates, metal, tiles, and existing coatings.