Acri-Soy Penetrating Sealer, 32 Oz

Multi-surface non toxic penetrating sealer is formulated for easy use as a grout, driveway, concrete and wood sealant.
by Eco Safety Products

Acri-Soy Penetrating Sealer
Non Toxic Concrete Sealer, Wood Sealer, and Grout Sealer

A high performance non toxic wood sealer and non toxic grout sealer that is bio-based and formulated from advanced green chemistry utilizing bio-based dispersion resins and solvent free water-based modified acrylics. The bio-based chemistry has a superior ability to effectively penetrate and protect porous substrate surfaces by creating an intregal bond and seal that allows the substrate to breath while providing outstanding repellency. When the for sealing concrete, the advanced chemistry of the non toxic waterproof sealant imparts our Eff-Bloc technology that helps resist efflorescence development. 

Concrete Sealer & Wood Sealer Uses: concrete countertop sealer, grout sealer, wood sealer, concrete floor sealer and more...

Typical Quart Coverage: 125 - 200 square feet per quart.

Sheen: Natural Matte