5" Natural Latex Crib Mattress

a natural latex core surrounded by organic wool and cotton
by Savvy Rest
This 5" mattress is formed with a 4.5" core of natural latex. It isencased with organic cotton and Pure Grow wool quilted to organic cotton mattress ticking to keep padding from shifting.

The wool serves as anatural flame retardant.Wool also tends to repel water andresists the growth of bacteria and dust mites.

Naturallatex is firmer than othermattress types.It is adurable and comfortable choice. This crib mattress passes all safety regulations and CPSC guidelines.

NOTE: Mostcrib mattresses are composed of a foam core with vinyl covering. Studies have shown that mice on this type ofmattress have a reduction of 26% of their airflow. A toxic, chemical laden mattress can cause irritation to nose, throat, eyes and can cause asthma-like reactions or difficulty with beathing.

Many studies have confirmeda link between SIDS and chemicals found insynthetic mattresses. Would you like to sleep on a vinyl mattress?

We recommend the organic wool moisture pad and the organic cotton mattress pad to protect your baby's mattress from wetness.

Country of Manufacture: US