43 Families Coffee

organic coffee blends, in full one-pound bags

It's true! 43 Families Coffee beans are grown on a single mountaintop in the shade of the tropical forest canopy, then picked by hand. Only the best are then patio sun-dried and sorted by hand for extreme quality. The whole process is strictly organic. This exclusive quality and freshness are ensured by small-batch roasting and advanced packaging which prevents oxygen from reaching the coffee until it is brewed. There's nothing in your brew or shot other than rich and pure coffee that rewards with every sip.

43 Families Coffee purchases the beans from farmers in northwestern Nicaragua at above fair-trade pricing and seeks to return every penny of net profit to support the families of the cooperative. As you savor your premium coffee you're supporting environmentally sustainable organic farming and helping 43 families maintain their self-reliance. That's another reason why it's the most rewarding coffee on earth.

43 Families Coffee comes from the El Porvenir Coffee Co-operative in the mountains of northwest Nicaragua. Members of this co-op (former Sandinista, Contra and Somoza fighters, all parties to the country's brutal civil war) are now a model of social reconciliation. United by their poverty, these 43 families grow some of the world's best organic, shade-grown coffee.

El Porvenir is a two hour, bone-jarring, four-wheel-drive trek away from civilization. The 270 people live in a community with no electricity, no telephone, and until late 2009 only rainwater. They jointly own one vehicle, a 1972 Ford tractor.

The secret to their specialty Arabica coffee is the volcanic soil, the mountain climate, and their dedication to quality. El Porvenir coffee is grown under migratory bird-friendly, rustic shade, handpicked and completely patio sun-dried.

Packaged in full one-pound bags. 43 Families coffee was previously packaged under the Their-bucks brand.

Country of Manufacture: NI

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