Terracycle Clipboard- Circuit Board - Set of 6

made from recycled circuit boards

TerraCycle's upcycled Circuit Board Clipboards are environmentally responsible because they are made from actual circuit boards that would have ended up in landfills. Every year millions of tons of e-waste are created and only a minuscule portion is recycled.

The clipboards are made from pre-consumer waste material. The circuitry pattern was imprinted on the boards, but actual circuits and wires were not connected, and the boards were not used in computers, so there is not a risk for lead or other hazardous metals. And, the writing surface is smooth. The waste was created by off cuts and changes made to patterns making printed boards obsolete.

Colors vary considerably and include green, purple, red, maroon, and more.


Set of 6 assorted colors

Country of Manufacture: China

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