SoyRock Landscape Rock Stain

see recommended alternatives below
by Eco Safety Products
SoyRock is available for commercial use and rock quarries. For residential and smaller commercial projects, we recommend the SoyCrete stain with I.R. (Infrared Reflective) pigments. SoyCrete is also available in the extensive range of 35 colors. And, the I.R. pigments provide U.V. protection. You may also order 2-ounce samples to test colors and application. Please note that the samples do not contain I.R. pigments so please order from the standard SoyCrete product line. You may also want to order from this line if your project is shaded and you do not need the U.V. protection.

Visit SoyCrete Architectural Concrete Stain to order samples or larger containers of stain without I.R. pigments. Or, visit SoyCrete Architectural Concrete stain with I.R. pigments.